My First Attempt @ Blogging

First Post
Hair: [monso] by Morphine Janick. My Hair-Robin/Regular Pack 1
@TMD March 15
Visit [monso]
Scarf: etham by stephenweiss. Neck Scarf
Sweater: etham by stephenweiss. Andy Sweater – Black
@TMD March 15
Visit Etham
Jeans: *Shai* by Shai Delacroix.  Mens Relaxed Jeans – Gray
Vist *Shai*
Boots: FLite by liamcole. Maybe Tomorrow Black Leather.
@faMESHed March 15
Visit FLite
Chain: {Sleepy Eddy} by metro.moonwall. Pocket watch Necklace Silver (Rare)
@The Arcade Sept 13 (OLD)  gacha still available in store
Visit {Sleepy Eddy}


Visit TMP
Facial Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ by M4ri1yn Magic. Facial hair – 5 o’clock (Dark)
Visit ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: {Dead Apples} by Soleil Reid.  Marble Eyes – Coffee
@TMD March 15
Visit {Dead Apples}
Tattoo: .Reckless. by landon.mode. Vix (Faded)
Visit .Reckless.



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