[ExcellencE] have an intriguing set for sale at Shiny Shabby.  The jacket, undershirt, scarf and coat (holding accessory) are designed to compliment each other but allow the flexibility to wear which ever pieces you choose.  A limited range of colours at present but the undershirt has a few interesting designs.  The jacket has built in hands and a simple skin colour hud.  In all honesty, these aren’t the greatest hands but on the whole, the outfit offers something a little bit different to play around with.  Thumbs up from me.


Hair: { Speakeasy } by jamesedwardq. Damian Hair.
Visit { Speakeasy }
Skin: *Clef de Peau* by marcopol.oh. Lewis T4
@ Shiny Shabby March 2015
Visit *Clef de Peau*
Upper Body Outfit: {ExcellencE] by NewBarmaleY.
Scarf: Neva_Black
Jacket: Neva_Grey
T Shirt: Neva_Boho_1
Coat (carried): Neva_Black
@ Shiny Shabby March 2015
Visit [ExcellencE]
Pants: !APHORISM! by Rucy Byron. Slim Jeans (Male) – Black
Boots: !APHORISM! by Rucy Byron. Leather Ankle Boots – Black

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