A Plane Day


Really great offerings at TMD this month for the 3rd Anniversary Collection.  I found myself dropping L$’s all over the place at a rapid pace buying loads of bits.   A few new skins with TMP appliers which is always nice.  I’m sure I will do a few posts from these items but I’ve kept it simple to start with this relaxed top and pants combo and the really great Yukio skin from Tableau Vivant (Liked this so much I bought three tones).  As I’ve done previously, I sourced my own brows and skin match from TMP to give a slightly different look to the skin itself.
Hair: Uw.st by Din Raymaker. Boz-Hair Natural brown
Visit Uncleweb Studio
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ by M4ri1yn Magic. Yukio Tone 7.
Visit ~Tableau Vivant~
Brows: Slick Light brown (Tone 31)
Visit TMP/TheSkinShop
Freckles: Ghost Ink by rockberry.fairlady
See Ghost Ink Store on Market
Necklace: BOTI by mazarindrake. Steampunk Locket (Gacha)
Visit Hustle & Flow Gacha Event
Top: Howl by worusaai – SUHA Loose jacket [WINE]
Visit Howl
Pants: BlankLine by kureha. Roll-up Pants (Beige)
Visit Blankline

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