A Glowing Prophecy

AGlowingProphecyNew… ‘A Prophecy Tattoo’ from Inhale Tattoo Co. Currently Available at The 100 Block Fashion Fair.  Why not pop over to the Inhale Mainstore to see their other offerings, keep an eye open for a tattoo called ‘Guidance’ also, its one of my favs.
This is my first attempt at using my own artificial lights.  I ended up using three different lights to try and give the screen glow effect, I’m fairly happy with the results.
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ by M4ri1yn Magic. Checker Hair – Winter
Visit Tableau Vivant
Skin: Ryan T4
Brows: Eyebrow 4. Black T4
Face Tattoo: Face Tattoo 1 Cross (under eye)
*Clef de Peau* by marcopol.oh.
Visit *Clef de Peau*
Glasses: Meva by Mea Carnell. Punk Sunglass.
Visit Meva
Body Tattoo: .Inhale. by ranhendrix.  A Prophecy Tattoo
Currently at 100 Block Fashion Fair
Visit .Inhale.
Earing: ^^Swallow^^ by luciayes.magic.  Cross Gem Earrings
Visit: ^^Swallow^^
Necklace: etham by stephenweiss. Rustic Cross Necklace 1
Currently at 100 Block Fashion Fair
Visit: etham
Watch: [ kunst ] by Kunst Himmel- Schism watch
Visit: [ kunst ]

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