Home Alone

Home Alone Home Alone 2

Events starting far and wide…..First I popped over to The Third Anniversary FaMESHed event. Very much worth a wander around all of the displays as most creators have put out free gifts. Even for men, some of the free gifts can be useful additions for home décor or perhaps a sneaky pair of female, I mean unisex glasses!
The Jacket I am wearing is a FREE offering from Kauna, also coming in black and will work with the XIV range that you can find in the Kauna store. This means you can get over there and find a selection of shirts, sweater, tanks, pants and accessories to work with it. So even though we get lured to spend, it’s still a fantastic freebie.
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* by TOmmy Fairplay. Gus Dark Browns
Visit *~*Damselfly*~*
Skin: TMP TheSkinShop. Zen 19.
With Daring Brows.
Visit TMP
Kauna by ross.myhre.
Jacket: XIV Leather Overcoat Brown (Gift@ FaMESHed)
Shirt: XIV Shirt: Floral Biege
Pants: XIV Trousers: Navy
Visit Kauna
Shoes: [Deadwool] by Masa Plympton. Dandy Shoes Dark Brown.
Visit [Deadwool]

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