A Black Tie What?

A Black Tie What

TMD, TCF & FaMESHed all came around so fast and also…. The Arcade, when this event comes around I start to understand how people lose their homes to gambling!!!  I really don’t need to talk too much about The Arcade, I’m sure many of you are broke or licking wounds already but if you haven’t yet been then find the shopping guide HERE.  Bits and bobs I’ve picked up there will no doubt feature in upcoming blog posts.
I am wearing a new tattoo from one of my sponsors, Inhale Tattoo Co, which can currently be found at The Chapter Four but I want to focus on a furniture set called ‘Roadside Attraction’.  Created by the extremely talented Nebulae Voom and currently available at The Mens Dept. The complete set comprises a picnic table, a beer bucket and mail box.
The table has a nice set of poses for singles, couples and friends, the beer bucket provides beers free of charge to you and your guests, once all the beers are removed it turns over into a very cool seat with three sit poses (which is a great little gimmick) and the mail box (not pictured) has a collection of couples poses.
A mention to my lovely model and bestestestest friend Maia Rae who has not been paid for her dedication to the quality burgers. Take a peek at her awesome Flickr HERE.

Location: Tillicum Island

Table & Beer Buckets – tight. by Nebulae Voom. Roadside Attraction Set.
Currently@ TMD June 15
Hair: [Ink] by nontroppo.torii. WIND Coal
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit [INK]
Glasses: FLite by liamcole. The Cool Guy Glasses (Gacha #6)
Currently@ The Arcade June 2015
Visit FLite
Smoking: Zaara by Zaara Kohime. Goa Party Weed Joint (Gacha #23)
Currently@ The Arcade June 2015
Visit Zaara
Tattoo: .Inhale. by ranhendrix. Vessels
Currently@ TCF
Visit .Inhale.
Shorts: Blankline by Kureha. Botanical Shorts (Part of Set)
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit BlankLine
BBQ & Other Furnishings: Sari Sari by stupidmonkey.
I used multiple pieces from this gacha set. Guide HERE
Currently@ The Arcade June 2015

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