Real?…….Of Course!

Real Of Course

I love how these pictures came out and there are lots of bits I want to talk about but…I HAVE to start with the skin. Lucas by Clef de Peau @ TMD. This is my new favourite skin, more than that I am going to say that I think this is the best skin available right now for TMP heads. I am wearing the freckled version and they work so well with the rest of the skin details. Along with the skin there are new brows and sideburn/facial hair options. I normally like to play around with different brows from different creators to make my face a bit more unique but Marco is spot on with these brows. I do the same with lips but again..these ones are fantastic. Referring back to the sideburns….the unique styling is great and kind of reminds me a touch of Cpt Jack Rackham in Black Sails.
My outfit…from Redgrave, again currently @ TMD, has a real classy but casual summer look to it and even with new shoe options around I couldn’t resist going back to a previous Redgrave offering as they work so well. Emilia nailed it creating this and I hope that one day we will get additional colour options for the shirt.
The Chapter Four event has this great watch from DYNASTY available in a few colour combo’s, my pictures do not show it clear enough but you can take a better peek HERE. Le Poppycock have also produced more great pose sets. Two for women and one male set called Footnote, at under 100L how can you say no! You can see these sets here, here & here. All of the poses I used above are from the male set.
My Final words go to Monso who just keep producing quality hair for men and David Heather, with a great gacha collection at The Arcade right now (guide), the rare watch box is a real thing of beauty!
Location: * L’Arc en Ciel *
Poses: Le Poppycock – Footnote Collection
Used; Rational is actual, Confidence is silent, Name of the game & Simple things
Currently@ TCF
Visit Le Poppycock
Hair & Hat: [monso] by Morphine Janick. Xiu Dark Brown
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit [monso]
Skin, Brows & Sideburns/Facial Hair:
All from *Clef de Peau* by marcopol.Oh.
Lucas T4
Sideburns 1 Brown
Eyebrows 8 Brown
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit *Clef de Peau*
Sleeve Tattoo: .:Reckless:. by landon.mode. Bronx
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit .:Reckless:.
Shirt & Jeans: Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave. Turner Shirt and Jeans.
Currently@ TMD June 15
Shoes: Benito Black from previous TMD and available in store shortly.
Visit Redgrave
Watch: [ dynasty ] by kiddreamz. GTM24 Gold & Leather Watch
Currently@ TCF
Visit [ dynasty ]
Rings: [ kunst ] by Kunst Himmel. Wire Ring
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit [ kunst ]
Bag and Watch Display: -David Heather- by gianni.broda
Goldstone Bag Black & Vintage Watch Case Rare (Guide)
Currently@ The Arcade June 2015
Visit -David Heather-

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