Well well well, what have we here?

well well what have we here

Not too much to blog about in this picture and I have used a few older bits but as there are a bunch of new events opening now and shortly, I was in the mood for doing something bright and sunny!
Location: Baja Norte
Hair: Besom by kattington. Derek
Currently@ TMD
Visit Besom
Headphones: .Shi by joy.laperriere. [V2.B.Gold] RARE (Gacha)
Currently@ The Arcade
Visit .Shi
Tattoo: [AR2 Style] by aurora81.mcminnar. The Guitar Arm
Visit [AR2 Style]
Shoulder Towel: M.Birdie by monlmanl. School Gym Suit Set Towel 3 White. (Old Gacha Item)
Visit M.Birdie
Bag: AITUI by jesseaitui.petion. Beach Bag – Golden Sunset (Old Gacha Item)
karaoke Machine: -ATTIC- by Citta Wiskee. Retro Portable Karaoke Hold STL RARE
Visit -ATTIC-
Shorts: [BUC] by badunicorn. “Loral” Bay Board Shorts
Currently@ TMD
Visit [BUC]

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