The Frontman

The Frontman

I went to ‘The Boys of Summer‘ event but quickly got distracted (by Kustom9) and ended up looking like I am dressed for Winter! The hair I am wearing came from the event, Dante by :::Phoenix::: and after a bit of fiddling I think it came out really nice, infact I should have done a close up to show it off better from another angle. I also picked up a hair called Leon from the same creator, again I like it and I’m sure I’ll blog that soon. Even though I’m not wearing any of it here, I picked up quite a few summer bits (shorts and colourful tops) from the event so it is definitely worth a visit. As I said above, I got distracted by Kustom9. Not loads for men, which is fairly normal but I did pick up cool stuff from David Heather & Gabriel and then I got drawn to the Guitar Case Gacha by CLAVv. A Range of guitar cases either as holdables or for your back (please note they are separate gacha items) in some neat textures. The two rare options are black and brown, they come as a holdable case (pictured) or as a rezzable display option that has a gun inside rather than the expected guitar! Very neat and well worth trying to win. The last item I got there was the pictured trench coat from Overhigh. Now…I have lots of good things to say about this coat, awesome look, great texturing etc etc but I have found a negative. Now this could just be me but I could not make my hands fit inside the cuffs correctly. I tried multiple types of mesh hands, editing my shape and even took suggestions from friends but still found no solution. The creators vendor picture shows the same flaw and that is a real shame.
Hair: :::Phoenix::: by xxryvenxx. Dante
Currently@ The Boys of Summer
Visit :::Phoenix:::
Ear Cuff: ::TI:: by glamsoglamour. Rock Star – Ear cuffs
Visit тaвoυ ιrreѕιѕтιвle
Skin: *Clef de Peau* by marcopol.Oh. Lucas T4
Currently@ TMD June 15
Visit *Clef de Peau*
Coat: Overhigh by Overhigh. Trench Coat Black
Currently@ Kustom9
Visit OVH
Guitar Case: C L A Vv by thepierro. Guitar Gun Case Black RARE
Currently@ Kustom9
Visit C L A Vv
Pants: <*>Bomshie<*> by snookiemacintyre. Boaz Mens Red Skinny Pants
Currently@ The Boys of Summer
Visit <*>Bomshie<*>

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